Monday, February 4, 2008

questions hard to answer

When I return machines today, "Peter" gave me two questions: why is the laptop at your home? Do you do your research at home?

That moment I was not able to answer at all, cos got embarrassed. "I don't know" That's what I said.

Yes, I did use it on some research investigations, tried Iptables firewall rules with that machine at home, and even remotely login in office room system via the laptop,
but more often, I use it to get more familiar with our department special linux system version and did even my programming project on it. I know I can put it as official usage due to the fact that without understanding our system, I could not go further. Still, I must confess, it's very improper to bring office equipment back home for no matter what kind of use!

Those two questions hang around me for the whole day and I feel quite blue even now. Should apologize tomorrow when I return it.

Sorry, I do not know. And I would not another time.


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